Q: Where is your rescue located and do you have a shelter?

A: ACRA was founded in Akron and we do not have a shelter. Each of our rescued canines is fostered in individual volunteer homes and treated as their family pets. The fosters are located through-out Western NY, including Akron, Depew, Newfane, Grand Island, Dunkirk, West Seneca, Buffalo, and Tonawanda. Our foster volunteers work hard to crate train, housebreak, and teach basic obedience with all our rescued dogs. When needed, a few of our fosters are equipped to quarantine when necessary.

Q: When was your rescue formed?

A: Nov.6, 2008 we became incorporated as Akron Canine Rescued Angels, Inc., and received Federal 501(c)3 non-profit status in early 2009. The founders were volunteers with another rescue prior to starting their own.

Q: Do you take any breeds?

A: We do not discriminate against any breed; however, we reserve the right to refuse any dog that we feel is not adoptable due to temperament, severe health or training issues or other reasons. We also would need to have a foster home open at the time of request.

Q: Where do you get the dogs?

A: We help local dogs that for whatever reason, the owner can no longer keep. Other dogs/pups come from shelters we work closely with in many different states. They are a reputable and committed group of people to work with.

Q: Are the dogs altered?

A: Every dog we place is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, and altered, or will be altered as part of the adoption contract. Unaltered dogs are adopted with a signed “Foster to Adopt” agreement and in those cases, the dog remains the property of ACRA until spayed or neutered. Out of state dogs are heartworm tested if old enough and have a health certificate.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: Yes, we often work with approved homes to find the right dog/pup for their family.

Q: How does someone adopt from ACRA?

A: Fill out an adoption form which has a series of questions to answer or contact us at rescuedangels@gmail.com From there, we call for a vet reference, and home visit is scheduled. A landlord letter or lease agreement is required for adopter’s who rent. Once approved, a meet and greet with the rescue dog is arranged with the family and if it is a good match for family and rescue dog, the adoption is completed.

Q: What is the cost to adopt a dog from your rescue?

A: ACRA tries very hard to keep the adoption fee as low as possible in order to save as many dogs as possible. Most dogs / pups range from $500 and up.  The adoption fee ranges due to cost of vetting (ex: whether the dog needs to be altered or meds, etc). Our foster families work to crate train, housebreak, basic obedience and address any behavioral issues with all of our adoptable dogs while they are in foster care.

Q: Is there a chance that a dog I adopt from a rescue could get sick?

A: While ACRA, as well as Shelters do everything possible to ensure the dogs do not become ill, it does occasionally happen. The dogs are all vet checked 24 hrs before transport and a health certificate is issued if no problem is diagnosed. Any dog found with any health issues won’t be transported until which time a clean bill of health can be issued. But stress and close quarters can sometimes cause a dog to contract Kennel cough or Bordetella, even though ACRA pays extra to have all the dogs vaccinated. It is similiar to a cold and has to run its course but a round of antibiotics may help to keep it from going into an upper respiratory infection and ease the symptoms. And although the dogs are wormed at the shelter, they may still have worms and their stool should be checked within a few days of bringing your dog home to make sure they do not have any internal parasites. The parasite life cycle may require frequent wormings to break the cycle and ensure the dog is free of parasites.

Q: How do I know if the dog I adopt will get along with my family?

A: ACRA and the shelter together try to address concerns and answer every question the adoptive family may have. Ex: Cat tested, other dogs, children, habits, housebroke, training, energy level, size, age, sex, etc. We do our very best to put the right dog with the right family.

Q: What if it doesn’t work?

A: Dog/pup may be returned for a full refund of adoption fees within 48 hours of adoption. Dog/pup may be returned past 48 hours, up to one full calendar week from adoption for 50% refund of adoption fees, with reasonable explanation as to why dog/pup is being returned. If no reasonable explanation is given the rescue reserves the right to withhold refund. ACRA will take the dog back if there is a foster home open or we will help the owner place the dog while the dog is still in the home.

Q: Can I call ACRA for help after adopting a dog from their rescue?

A: YES, we are always happy to help in any way to make sure the home will be a forever home for our dogs!!! And we often call adopters to see how their new dog is adjusting and if there are any problems that need addressing.

Q: Is the Dog good with Kids??

I get asked this question alot.

A: Very few dogs dislike kids. What dogs dislike is being sat on, hit, poked, and carried around like a stuffed toy, having their ears and tails pulled, or being otherwise abused. Would you like these things? Probably not. Be aware: Abuse is still abuse, whether the perpetrator means it that way or not. A puppy that is tossed into the air and injured has been abused, whether the person who tossed it is an adult or an unsupervised two year-old. So rather than ask a rescuer, “Is this dog good with kids?” begine with asking yourself the following:

– Have I taught my child that animals are sentient beings with feelings?

– Have I taught my child to treat animals with respect?

– Is my child old enough to understand that he is capable of hurting an animal? And that an animal that is being hurt is not at fault for defending itself?

– Have I arranged to give my pet a safe place in our home where my child may not approach him?

– Is my child old enough to recognize a pet as a responsibility, not a toy?

– Am I committed to constantly supervising all interaction between my very young child and our pet?

If you answered “Yes” to every question, you’re ready to introduce a pet to your family. If the answer to even one question is “No”, you need to consider waiting until your child is a more appropriate age.

ACRA would like to personally thank each one of you who are willing to adopt a Rescued Angel!!!

May God Bless You Indeed!!!

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